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'Fire of Revival' Thousands Pack Stadiums in Hungary and Italy for Revival Gatherings
Posted by Temmy
Wed, June 05, 2024 3:10pm

More than a thousand people gave their lives to Jesus Christ over the weekend in Hungary and Italy. “Another place in Europe where God is moving in a glorious way! Fire of revival is spreading everywhere in Europe to hungry and thirsty people. Stop to watch and dare why it’s not coming at your place,” International evangelist Jean-Luc Trachsel wrote on social media.

“Go to your knees and cry out to The Lord of the harvest to save your region. And stand on your feet as The Glory of God is arising. Surrender your whole life to The Holy Spirit and ask Him to come upon you with a flame of fire,” he added. “And jump into this river of liquid fire for revival in your region, in Europe and around the world!"

According to the website, Trachsel is the founder of Jean-Luc Trachsel Ministries, which works to "bring unity among Christians and to proclaim the Gospel to this generation with mercy and compassion.”

A little less than two weeks ago, Traschel delivered a message in Paris, France for the "March For Jesus in France" where 25,000 people worshiped the Lord in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Traschel noted a "fire of revival" at the "This Is the Day!" worship event at DVTK Stadium in Miskolc, Hungary. “Packed and sold out stadium with 13000 people and 1300 gave their lives to Jesus!” he wrote on Monday. According to their website, "This Is the Day!" first launched in 2000 and is an interdenominational Christian movement organizing praise and worship events

"It is extremely important to us to have a day each year when we gather in Jesus' name with thanksgiving and pray for our nation's repentance and for the church," the organization's mission reads. "It is our goal to be more thoroughly committed to God and thereby impacting the world around us. We want to strengthen our fellow believers so their lives would be testimonies to God's love."


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