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Justin Bieber Intends to Win Souls as He Performs at People's Choice Awards

Justin Bieber Intends to Win Souls as He Performs at People's Choice Awards

Justin Bieber Intends to Win Souls as He Performs at People's Choice Awards

Justin Bieber shared several faith-inspired posts leading up to his People's Choice Awards performance of his single “Holy” and revealed he wishes to lead people to God.

“All my life I felt in my heart I was supposed to entertain. I had been given these abilities that I wanted to showcase. My heart as I get older is to ask God to refine my heart. To make sure my intention remains pure,” Bieber wrote Sunday on Instagram along with a video of rehearsal footage of him singing “Holy.”

“My intention is to inspire, uplift, empower and lead people to know and see the love of God,” he continued. “To remind people of the joy and wonder that is all around us.”

Later that evening, Bieber performed “Lonely” and “Holy" at the People’s Choice Awards. While singing his love song, “Holy,” which is filled with Christian references, Bieber had several illuminated crosses across the stage.

In his Instagram post, the Canadian native went on to say, “Fear of rejection can scare us away from our full potential. But asking God to use us even when we’re scared takes the pressure off of us and reminds us that He is in control.”

His inspiration did not end there, in another post, the singer again shared his faith with his 151 million followers, reminding them what God thinks of them.

“Did you know that you are special? Did you know that when God sees you he smiles?” Bieber said. “Be encouraged this Sunday knowing that you were designed for GREATNESS! You are forgiven and you are loved!”

Bieber’s messages marked the first non-promotional post from the singer since news of his once mentor, Carl Lentz, being fired from Hillsong surfaced. Both Bieber and his wife, Hailey, no longer follow the pastor on social media after Lentz admitted to infidelity on Instagram. However, Lentz and his wife, Laura, were spotted having an intense discussion outside of Bieber’s New York home where the former Hillsong leaders currently live.

Following Bieber’s spirited performance at the People’s Choice Awards, he made another post, this time thanking those who helped make the performance a success. The newlywed also told his followers to pay close attention to the people around them.

“Working on performances like this are fun because it takes a team! Teamwork is essential in accomplishing your dreams! I could have never pulled something like this off without a team,” the 26-year-old wrote.

“Look around you. Who do you see? Who’s holding you back? Who’s empowering you? Are you holding yourself back by the way you are treating those around you. Take a look, only you know.”

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