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SUBSTITUTION details logo Open Heavens - Wednesday, December 18, 2013
by Pastor E.A Adeboye

Another way God executes deliverance is by the law of substitution. Proverbs 11:8 says,
“The righteous is delivered out of trouble, and the wicked cometh in his stead. “

At oftentimes, if a particular incident that has been slated against the righteous must surely be carried out, God gives the captor an alternative. Take for instance, when the three Hebrew children were thrown into the fire of Nebuchadnezzar, they came out unhurt, but the king’s strongest and most outstanding men, who bound, carried and threw them into the fire were all roasted even though they did not physically enter the fire (Daniel 3:19-22). The enemies that are after your life will lose their best hands in your place. Similarly, the lions that refused to eat up Daniel, ate those who threw him into the den (Daniel 6:24). The lions that have been sent to devour you and members of your family will return to devour those who sent them on that evil mission.

A sister once told me she had a dream that her husband travelled abroad and they brought back his corpse. She was concerned because her dreams always come true. So we prayed. The following Sunday she was in church and there was no indication that anything was wrong. The following day, her husband’s name appeared on the obituary pages of the dailies. I called her to enquire what happened. She said God had answered our prayer because her husband travelled and returned safely. She, however said that, his brother who was not a born-again Christian also travelled but they brought back his corpse. Whenever you face an enemy too strong to handle, call on Jesus, asking Him to be your ally. In the name of Jesus, the law of substitution will work for you from today. Every spirit of death sent against you will claim one of those sending it. God will give men for you and your family, and people will die in your place. Your enemies will know that you serve a living God.

The righteous is delivered out of trouble, and the wicked cometh in his stead.
Proverbs 11:8

Daniel 3: 19-22

Bible in one year:
Psalm 89-90

Prayer point:
Father, from today, let Your law of substitution work in my favour and over the lives of members of my family.


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