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HE SENDS ON ERRANDS details logo Open Heavens - Friday, December 27, 2013
by Pastor E.A Adeboye

God promotes like no one else. Since He is higher than the highest of men, He can lift you to the height no man can take you to. This season, the Lord will promote you. Many years ago, at the first time I was leaving Nigeria for overseas, I was on my way to Canada to attend a world conference of Applied Mathematics. The Nigerian Airways flight I was to take was delayed so I went to eat at their restaurant. I was served by a white man at the restaurant. At that moment, I wished I had a camera to record all I was experiencing so that when I returned to my village at Ifewara (south-west Nigeria), people would see how the son of Adeboye was being served by a white man. The truth is, the Almighty God can pick a shepherd boy and turn him into a king. Have people written you off? If God has not finished with you, anyone who writes you off is only wasting his or her time. People have repeatedly asked me why I say ‘Yes sir’ or ‘Yes ma’ to everybody and I told them that it is because you never can tell where God is taking the fellow. A messenger today may become president tomorrow. When God wants to promote you and somebody sits on your promotion, He can remove the fellow or set his seat on fire. Everyone sitting on your promotion shall be uprooted this season.

Moreover, God sends on errands, He told Moses that He was sending him to Pharaoh. He is looking for reliable people He can send on errands. In Mark 16:15-16, He sends us to the whole world to preach the Gospel because according to John 15:16, He chose us to bring forth fruits. We are having problems today because we have refused to go. But if we repent and decide to go, signs will follow us. In Luke 10: 1-3, 17 Jesus sent out 70 people in twos and when they returned, they were full of joy and testified that even the demons obeyed them. In your secular work, would your boss send you on an official errand and you would refuse? You will most likely not. What if the president sends you on an errand? You will feel privileged to carry it out. Now, why would the President of presidents send you on an errand and you will be making excuses? If you don’t go, He will not go with you.

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
Mark 16:15

Luke 10: 1-3, 17

Bible in one year:
Genesis 10-11

Key point:
If you carry out God’s errands perfectly and within the specified time, He too will honour you by going on errands for you.


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