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The Blood of Christ (8)—Redemption and Forgiveness

The Blood of Christ (8)—Redemption and Forgiveness details logo The LORD is near - Sunday, October 17, 2021
by Jacob Redekop, Brian Reynolds, John van Dijk, Eugene P. Vedder Jr
The Blood of Christ (8)—Redemption and Forgiveness

Accepted in the Beloved. In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace.
Ephesians 1:6-7

The Blood of Christ (8)—Redemption and Forgiveness
The epistles of Romans and Ephesians have often been helpfully contrasted. Romans begins from our side, and shows our utter ruin in sin and our sins. Ephesians begins from God’s side, and shows the counsels of His grace in blessing us in Christ. In Romans we begin with what was in our hearts. In Ephesians we begin with what is in God’s heart.

Our verses above bring before us three distinct blessings. The first is that we are accepted in the Beloved. It could also be translated as “brought into favor” in the Beloved. As God the Father looks upon His beloved Son with favor, so He now looks upon us.

We also have redemption through His blood. We were in bondage to sin and to Satan, but the full price has been paid to redeem us and bring us to God. The children of Israel were redeemed out of Egypt by the blood of the Passover lamb. We have been redeemed through the precious blood of Christ. How much greater the cost for our God and Father to redeem us!

The third blessing is forgiveness. What a wonderful thing to know that we are forgiven! This blessing is also because of the blood of Christ. He suffered and died to remove our sins from before a holy God. Remember that all our sins as believers were yet future when He died, so He died for them all. We are judicially cleared. As we sing, “God who knew them, laid them on Him, and believing we are free.”

Then notice, these blessings are according to the riches of His grace. What a wealth of God’s grace has been displayed in order to bless us! The Son Himself had to come down from heaven in order to give such blessing to us. May we worship Him!

Kevin Quartell


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